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Things you must check before buying a hoverboard & hoverkart

Commonly known as hoverboards, this two-wheeler is a self-balancing motorised scooter. It is highly stylish and is considered one of the most fun giving ride gadgets. Nowadays you can find innumerable options of this hands-free two-wheeled scooter online, but not all of these are well-built and safe to ride. Perhaps that is why you are advised to check the hoverboard as well as the hoverkart before making the final call.

Here some of the important points have been discussed that you must consider when selecting a hoverboard. Scroll down to take a look at these points.

Warranty and Return Policy

The first thing that you must look is the warranty and the customer support service offered to you by the company. You must try to choose the brand that offers you a warranty for the gadget as you never know when things could go wrong. There are many hoverboards in the market that are cheap but do not come with a warranty. You are recommended to avoid such products as these can incur more loss to you than profit if any part inside the vehicle gets broken. You must also check the return policy of the product before buying it and that is why it is important to buy a hoverboard offered by a reputed manufacturer.

Size and weight

The wheels play a crucial role in managing the bumpy terrain and ensuring that your ride on the hoverboard remains smooth. That is why you must try to buy a self-balancing scooter, which has bigger wheels. Furthermore, you must check the weight that the hoverboard can bear as it will also determine the speed of the gadget. Mostly you can find 6.5 inches wheels and it can up to 10 inches, while the minimum weight is 40 Kg and can go up to 100 Kg.

Speed and Range

Although it is difficult to analyse the real range of the self-balancing scooter, still one can gauge the range after knowing the size of the wheel, weight it can bear and the speed it offers. Usually, the basic models of hoverboards offer speeds of 3 mph up to 10 mph, but it can go higher. The range of the scooter is better if the wheels are of a bigger size and the scooter has the potential to bear more weight. However, other factors such as the incline and the terrain type will also decide how much miles the hands-free scooter can cover.

Battery and Charge Time

The battery of the hoverboard is very important part and you are advised to choose the gadget which is packed with genuine high-quality battery with the protection circuit, such the genuine Samsung long-life lithium-ion battery found in HCS Gadgets hoverboard. A premium quality battery will offer you longer ride run and even the time for charging will be considerably less. You must check how much the battery is adding weight to the device and how much time it will be taking to get charged.

Portability and case cover

The portability is one thing that you cannot ignore and for this again you have to consider the weight of the gadget. You must make sure that you buy the hoverboard and hoverkart which you can carry easily and you get the proper case to keep all the things together.

Safety and UL certification

It just makes no sense to ride a scooter which is not safe and that is why you are recommended to purchase hoverboards that come with UL certification. You can find the US and UK based companies offering you safety-tested self-balancing scooters with UL certification so that you remain free from any lithium battery leakage.


Lastly, you must always try to compare the price of the hoverboard with respect to its features. This way you will make a prudent decision and your money will not be wasted. You must not crave for uncertified cheap self-balancing scooters as your safety must be your priority. However, you are advised to check that the hoverboard which you are choosing is compatible with Bluetooth music system, etc. These days you can also avail offers on these gadgets by reputed brands and this will save you a lot of money.


If you are someone who is looking for a hoverboard, then you must consider all the aforementioned points. One of the best places online to find self-balancing scooters is HCS Gadgets and you will not regret. The hoverboard and hoverkart available here is value for money and this is the place where quality is never compromised.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with HCS Gadgets and buy a hoverboard which is safe, fast and cost-effective.

Last Updated: 30/12/2018 04:09